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P.S. You Are Loved

Dear Reader,

February 9th marks P.S. I Love You Day, a day recognizing mental health struggles and raising awareness on suicide. P.S. I Love You is an organization started by two sisters inspired by their own experiences with their father’s struggle with mental health and devastating suicide. I first learned about P.S. I Love You Day through our chapter’s former advisor when she introduced the organization through a video explaining the founders’ story. I was touched by their story and admired their decision to turn their negative experiences into an organization that would spread positivity to others.

This year will be my third year participating in P.S. I Love You Day as a SADD member. Our chapter has decided to create a week-long campaign ending in P.S. I Love You Day. At the start of the week, our chapter decorates the main hallway to fit the annual theme; this year’s theme is “Love is meant to be given.” Since many of our SADD campaigns have themes, we usually create a display case that represents the theme; this year we may create the concept of giving love through heart-filled gift boxes. Of course, all of these decorations will have an important thing in common; they will be purple. Purple is the official color for P.S. I Love You Day, and we’ll be encouraging other students to wear purple in support.

Throughout the week, SADD officers and I will make morning announcements to inform students about P.S. I Love You Day and its focus on mental health and suicide prevention. My absolute favorite part about our P.S. I Love You Day event is the post-its activity, which we put on the lockers the day before P.S. I Love You Day. Our SADD chapter recruits other clubs to help us tape purple posters on every locker around the building so that positive messages greet students the next morning. I honestly think that getting a surprise message is a phenomenal way to start your day and may encourage someone to continue to spread love as the day progresses. I particularly love the idea that everyone gets their own message, so every student receives a bit of kindness individually.

The importance of P.S. I Love You Day should be emphasized in all schools by SADD chapters. P.S. I Love You Day teaches that although mental health problems are serious, complex issues, showing someone who is struggling a little love may have a stronger effect than you may anticipate. I encourage you to peruse the P.S. I Love You site, hear the founders’ story, and wear purple in support. We should prioritize spreading kindness and love and making others feel seen as SADD members but also as people.


Noa Cordova

P.S. You are loved.


Check out SADD's highlights on Instagram and some of the amazing, inspiring P.S. I Love You Day messages we've received.

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1 Comment

Louis Pratt
Louis Pratt
Feb 11

Great read! Thanks, Noa!

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