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Starting a chapter grants you access to a nationwide network of students creating positive impact on their communities. Through contests, campaigns, and leadership opportunities, you have the power to empower, engage, mobilize, and change with SADD! Get started with the quick links below.


Our team is here to support you and your chapter! Feel free to contact us through the "Connect" page, or find your State Coordinator on the "SADD by the State" page. Don't forget to follow SADD's social media pages for news and updates!

Chapter Info
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What is MySADD?

MySADD is a membership database that allows chapters across the nation to connect via official enrollment in the SADD organization. MySADD gives members access to the latest SADD news, projects, programs, and educational materials. 

Why should I register?

MySADD provides all of the resources needed to be a successful SADD chapter. As an official SADD student registered in MySADD, you will receive exclusive communication from the national SADD office with numerous contest, scholarship, and event opportunities. Plus, advisors and school officials can find programming and project guides - all in your MySADD account! 

How much does it cost?

This year, all student and chapter fees have been waived! Register today to take advantage of this opportunity!

Initiatives & Programming


Click the available links below to get started! Visit your MySADD account or contact your state coordinator for complete access to all of SADD's initiatives & programming materials!

Therapy Session

Substance Abuse Prevention

Supportive Friend

Personal Health & Safety


Other Initiatives

Parent Corner


As a parent and/or adult ally, you play a large role in the health and safety of the youth in your life. Be proactive by getting involved and using the resources below to facilitate meaningful dialogue with your student.

Driver Behind Wheel


SADD has partnered with NRSF to create a free resource that encourages conversation between parents and their young driver.  The Passport includes talking tips for both the parent and driver to facilitate meaningful conversation about the importance of safe driving.


SADD's Contract for Life is designed to facilitate communication between young people and their parents about potentially destructive decisions related to alcohol, drugs, peer pressure, and behavior. The issues facing young people today are often too difficult to address alone. SADD believes that effective parent/child communication is critically important in helping young adults to make healthy decisions.

Mother and Daughter
Driving Test Report


In partnership with NHTSA, we're pleased to share a new SADD program called Increasing Compliance of GDL Laws through Education and Outreach. This program uses peer-to-peer-based prevention strategies to engage students, parents, law enforcement, and schools about the importance of following graduated driver licensing laws (GDL).

*Please note that the links below are examples featuring Wyoming GDL resources. For your state-specific program guide, contact SADD Nation!


SADD and Intoxalock are partnering together to encourage parents to voluntarily install these devices into cars their teens are driving in order to help prevent them from driving drunk. The devices, also called in-car breathalyzers, are wired into a vehicle’s ignition, so the driver is required to take and pass a Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC) test before they can start their vehicle, providing parents peace of mind.

Students in Cafeteria


SADD would be happy to direct you to helpful resources regarding traffic safety, personal health and safety, substance abuse prevention, or other related issues. Thank you for prioritizing safety in your student's life and we look forward to assisting you in any way possible. Reach out today!


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