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Service With A Spin, For The Win

There is a day for everything, like National Chocolate Day and National Playground Day. Have you heard of Global Youth Service Days? It is the largest youth service and civic action event in the world. The day is set aside to remind youth, ages 5-22, to work together for a common good.

As SADD students, we are used to collaborating to promote a meaningful message. If you want some ideas for how to get this April 26th, or throughout the entire Youth Service Month, here are some ways that I like to serve my community:

  • Warm Hands, Warm Hearts: I love prepping meals for local soup kitchens with students from my school. Pick your favorite meal and gather some of your friends to cook with a teacher to oversee everything. The best part is when you get to deliver the meal to the soup kitchen!

  • Walk It Out: Many local animal shelters let volunteers do daily fosters. As someone who doesn’t have a dog, I love taking one out for the day. This is a great way for you to relax, walk around town, and even spend time with friends. Make sure to get parental permission and travel to the shelter to pick out which dog you are going to spend the day with. Studies show that spending time with animals helps your mental health. This activity will let you help your community and yourself all at once!

  • Fashion Fun: Who doesn’t love shopping? Did you know that you can do service and shop at the same time? Host a resale shopping event in your school or community center. Look through your closet and donate items that you have not worn in over 6 months. You can encourage your friends to do the same, and then host a sale of the items. The money you raise can be donated to a local charity that you are passionate about. This Fashion Fun event can even be a service project fundraiser for your SADD chapter.

Even if these activities do not stand out to you, make sure to get involved this Global Youth Service Day. As always, log your SADD events and share images when you mobilize your friends to complete service in your community.

Let me finish and say, I wish you an amazing Global Youth Service Day, I know it will be a slay!


Don't forget, all of your hours spent with SADD and in service can count towards a PVSA award! Check out the award levels and hours needed and apply today.


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