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A Leadership Letter to Advisors

To our dedicated SADD advisors, old and new,

We should all aspire to be Plato; yes, the Greek philosopher and inventor. Not because we founded a school or developed our version of Platonism and taught its doctrines, but because both his teacher, Socrates, and his student, Aristotle, are just as important and celebrated as himself, maybe even more so. Every Plato has a mentor, an advisor; someone they looked to, listened to, and emulated. That individual looked at us as their obligation, their legacy, and did so with dedicated pride and focus.

If you are like me, while it may have taken time to truly understand and appreciate that individual to the fullest, the fact remains that the leadership shown by our mentor, our advisor allowed us to be a Plato in our own right. Their stature has etched a place in our lives that continues to have a long-lasting impact, way beyond its likely intended purpose. I am incredibly appreciative of your Socrates. As a SADD advisor, you have/had been selected for a multitude of reasons that go way beyond just location and access. The lessons you were given, the insight you are blessed with, and the knowledge you carry are a result of those before you, both in formal and informal methods. Now, every Plato has a student, a mentee they are trying to inspire and instill the education and guidance once given to them by their teacher, perhaps a little more polished now with additional context through their journeys. The lessons you pass on, the morals and values you instill in the lives of today’s youth, are no doubt life-changing.

As a Plato, you are being etched in the minds and hearts of those who will take what you teach them and guide them towards and have a profound impact on things we just can’t even comprehend right now. I am incredibly appreciative of your work with your versions of Aristotle. As a SADD advisor, your work is molding the next generation, the next leaders who will be as important and celebrated as yourself, maybe even more so. With their voices elevated, they are embarking on a journey that will impact not just them, but their peers and the generations that follow.

When I look across SADD Nation, I feel inspired by those like you, old and new, who have been called upon to have a positive influence on our youth. You have risen to that call that others have chosen to pass on because in a world inundated with a variety of decisions that, to be honest, can be the difference between life and death, it can be easy to push aside and allow it to be “someone else’s problem.” It takes leadership and commitment to take that call and answer it with dedicated grace.

Please know that SADD is here to help you in your journey with resources and support. As a Plato, be ready to learn from Socrates, teach and guide Aristotle, and be humble enough in your leadership to allow the voices of tomorrow to speak today.

In partnership,

Scott Myers, M.A., ACNP

Executive Director, SADD


For more info on how to be your own best Plato, check out the resources at and be on the lookout for new MySADD Courses coming soon just for you, our fabulous advisors!

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