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AAA Promise



about The program

AAA PROMise is a program offered by AAA – The Auto Club Group – to keep teens and others safe on the roadway during prom and graduation season by raising awareness of the dangers of distracted-, alcohol- and/or marijuana-impaired driving.

AAA PROMise asks teens to make the responsible decision never to get behind the wheel impaired and to make sure their friends do the same. Parents should reinforce with their teen that nothing is more important than their teens safety. If a teen needs help getting home and reaches out to their parents, AAA will be there to tow the family vehicle home, free of charge, AAA Member or not.

By making the AAA PROMise, teens commit to making the right decision when it comes to the use of substances – alcohol, marijuana and other drugs – and driving, as well as distracted driving.


This year's partnership allows up to 16 SADD chapters from the following States & territories to receive a PROMise kit from AAA at NO COST:

Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina,

North Dakota, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virgin Islands, & Wisconsin


What's in the kit?

You will receive a full kit including the PROMise presentation, fact sheet, swag, and photo waiver/disclaimers to produce an amazing PROMise event.

What do we have to do to get it?

See the requirements to the right!

How do we do a PROMise event?

Check out the MySADD PROMise training course for event ideas and how to get started.

What if we are outside the 16 eligible States?

Connect with your State contact and ask them for digital resources! We hope to build this program to a larger area next year, and your request can help make that happen!


What if there are more than 16 requests per State?

The kits will be sent on a first-request, first-served basis. If kits remain after the request deadline for other areas, kits will be released to the general population similarly.



All participating chapters receiving a kit will be required to

agree to and provide the following:

  • Chapter must fully registered in MySADD, with active student members to qualify.
  • Ensure at least one member of your chapter has completed the MySADD PROMise training course.
    • Course will be available by 3/1/24.​ Preferably all members of chapter participate in the course prior to executing the program.
  • Chapter should attempt to work with a AAA - The Auto Club Group -Volunteer.
    • A volunteer will be connected with you through a SADD or AAA contact.
  • Report the Activity through the SADD Event Report form, including:
    • Number of students who signed the pledge
    • A quote from a student participant entered into the description of the event

    • Pictures/videos (Up to 5)

      • We have waivers that will be provided for individual pictures, as well as a group waiver that needs to be out for the event and visible in group pictures.

    • Any Media Mentions of safety event/prom event (Make sure AAA The Auto Club Group is mentioned along with PROMise)

  • Complete the AAA post-survey


What's next? complete your exit ticket

Thank you for participating in the AAA + SADD PROMise program! To complete your event, please fill out the Exit Ticket below

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