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World Health Day

World Health Day is celebrated every April 7th, and it is also the day the World Health Organization (WHO) was first founded. American Charities shared the World Health Organization’s 6-point agenda, which focuses on health and development, health and security, information and knowledge, health systems, performance, and partnerships. The 2024 theme for the World Health Day is “My health, my right.”

This theme is essential to promote the importance of all people having the right to have services for their health. There are a variety of rights many people still do not have, including access to clean air, clean drinking water, proper nutrition, and basic medical services. Every person needs access to health services because taking care of one’s health will help lead to a promising future for the individual.

On this important day, people worldwide can come together to understand the health challenges and help those facing these hardships. It is essential for you also to become involved on this day, and some ways you can be involved is by telling other people about this critical day to continue spreading awareness or setting up a small event to get people together for this cause. SADD continues to stay connected with World Health Day. We ensure that all young people can get the necessary resources to care for their health. SADD aims to spread more awareness about important health topics, such as mental health, so we can end the stigma associated with these topics and assure people have the right to take care of their health.

Though this day is important in spreading global health awareness, it's our job as young leaders to be strong advocates every day to promote health awareness.

Be well & be kind.


Check out some of SADD's resources for this day and other related health and wellness programs at

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