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Senior Stress: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Stress in the Last Half of Senior Year!

Senior year is an important year of high school. There are many new opportunities, events, and post-high school planning to be done, but it can get overwhelming. Here are 5 tips to help you handle the stress of your last semester of senior year while still having fun!

Plan Ahead

Typically, the overarching theme of senior year is applying to college. However, that is not always the case for everyone. No matter what your plans after high school are, keep working on it throughout the winter break and springtime. For college applications, stay on top of those essays and finish answering application questions. Procrastinating writing your college essay will increase your levels of stress once deadlines start to approach, and could squash your exciting winter break plans! If you plan on working after high school, look for companies that might be hiring and see what you can learn about the job before working there, or if they have apprenticeships. Future you will be very thankful that you chose to plan instead of waiting until the last minute!

Ask for Help

As a senior in high school you may feel like adulthood is readily approaching. Do not let the pressure of adult decisions make you avoid asking for help. Each school has different resources you can utilize during your senior year. Take advantage of these opportunities! Reach out to your school’s guidance counselor's office to see if there are any free college seminars or job fairs. You may also have a college and career counselor who specializes in helping high school students with post-graduation planning. If you don’t know how to fill out a certain form or application, don’t wait until the deadline… ask for help! Your teachers, counselors, and other school staff want to help you do the best you can so make sure to use their resources when needed!

Take Time for Yourself

Sometimes we can get wrapped up in school, after-school activities, work, etc. This can cause us to feel overwhelmed and burned out. To prevent these feelings, factor in time for your self-care throughout the week. Whether that is listening to music or going for a walk, set a time each day to do that activity. Self-care has many benefits such as: lowering stress, increasing happiness, and lowering the risk of illness. Even if it is only 10 minutes of self-care, it still can have an impact on your stress levels!

Stay Hydrated

Our entire body needs water to function, so if we forget this vital nutrient, lots of things will be out of whack! Studies show that men need about 15.5 cups of fluids and women need about 11.5 cups each day. Since it isn’t always easy to count the exact amounts of water we drink each day, stick to the idea of 8 glasses per day (or about 2 full Stanleys). Each day you can adjust that based on the temperatures, exercise levels, and your health condition. Staying hydrated helps prevent sickness, regulate body temperature, and boosts overall health. If you are feeling stressed, you may also feel dehydrated. Ensuring that you are drinking enough will prevent dehydration and additional stress! Read more here: Mayo Clinic Water Article

Have Fun

At first, senior year can seem very daunting but it really isn’t. Most schools like to plan several events for seniors to enjoy, especially as the year winds down. Take advantage of these events! Is there a certain sports game you want to go to? Or a “senior sunrise”? Ask your friends to come along! Make a memory out of these fun activities during senior year.

I hope these 5 tips help you keep stressors low as you close out your senior year! Good luck, make positive decisions, and make sure to stay connected with @saddnation on socials! Contests and challenges are great opportunities to win money for your future!

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Louis Pratt
Louis Pratt
Jan 08

Excellent tips Francesca!

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