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There will be times that you are stuck driving in adverse weather conditions, it's important to know how to handle each type of weather when you are behind the wheel. Click the links below for more helpful tips on driving in bad weather.

Teen Tips:

  • Listen to the weather forecast before you leave. DO NOT drive if there is a chance of severe weather.

  • Always use your headlights in the rain.

  • Use your low beam lights in the fog.

  • Use your defrost and wipers for best visibility in rain and fog.

  • Adjust your speed to conditions such as rain, wind, and snow. Turn off cruise control.

  • Ensure lights and wipers are working and windshield is clear.

  • Clear advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) sensors of snow and ice.

  • When it's raining, drive in the center lanes to avoid runoff and potential hydroplaning. Avoid driving through deep puddles or standing water.

  • Check your tires regularly.


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