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There will be times that you are stuck driving in adverse weather conditions, it's important to know how to handle each type of weather when you are behind the wheel. Click the links below for more helpful tips on driving in bad weather.

Adult Tips:

  • High beams reduce visibility in the fog. Tell your teen to use their fog lights.

  • Tell them where to pull over safely and who to call if a severe weather breaks out and they cannot see the road.

  • Tell them how to steer if they hydroplane: Keep a grip on the steering wheel, lift foot off the accelerator, and let the vehicle coast. Steer gently in the correct direction.

  • Create a snow-emergency kit: Brush, sand, blanket, flashlight, first aid, and non-perishable food items.

  • Practice driving with them in adverse weather.

  • Be sure they know to check their tires prior to driving.


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