Respecting the Roundabout FOR ADULTS

A roundabout, also known as a traffic circle, is a circular intersection with design features that promote a safe and efficient flow of traffic. The roundabout forces drivers to slow down, which helps eliminate severe types of intersection crashes such as head-on collisions, right-angle, and left-turn crashes. Roundabouts also create a safer environment for pedestrians, as they can walk on sidewalks around the perimeter and cross only one direction of traffic at a time. Crossing distances are relatively short, and driver speeds are lower than at traditional intersections. 

Adult Tips:

  • Nothing replaces modeling good behavior. Be sure you are buckled up and make necessary adjustments before driving off with your teen.

  • Be patient. This can be a nerve-racking task for the teen.

  • Keep in mind, no teen drives the same.

  • Familiarize yourself first. This will help you understand the flow of that particular roundabout.

  • Do not stop within the roundabout to correct your teen. Let them continue to drive and guide them calmly to the exit, where you can pull over safely to discuss.