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SADD x the harris project

A small group of thoughtful committed citizens. Margaret Mead knew this was all that was required to change the world. This philosophy is the lifeblood of SADD, empowering teens to be that thoughtful, committed, group of citizens. The hockey players who started SADD turned their adversity into action. Their work continues to inspire us, much like the work of one incredible mom who’s on a mission to stop the needless pain of overdose deaths.

Stephanie Marquesano has refused to play the role of a grieving mom. She’s determined to fix the systems of substance use and mental health. For too long we have avoided the necessary and life-saving conversations around mental health. In the wake of COVID-19, some of those walls are finally coming down. And, Stephanie is shining a light on a significant problem that is still being neglected: co-occurring disorders.

Recently, the New York Times featured a piece on the incredible work that Stephanie has brought to light in her son’s honor – the Harris Project. SADD is proud to announce a new national partnership with this organization to mobilize our network, as we bring to light this important issue.

Take a few moments to read the piece, to educate yourself on this topic. Then, get ready SADD Nation, to be engaged on this topic. In that way, SADD will do what we’ve always done – mobilize a small group of thoughtful committed citizens to change the world.

We do this in honor of Harris.

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