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New year. new me?

The new year can be a time of change, navigation, new habits, and so much more. Change and growth can be a wonderful thing that should be encouraged and expected as it is always inevitable. This all being said, the new year can feel like a stressful time. It's a perfect time to ring in all the changes you have wanted to make, but it can be stressful having the “now or never” mindset going into the new year, knowing if you do not do it now it may never get done.

Luckily, not everything has to change so quick as we celebrate another year! With all the change and growth going on you always should look for a support system to fall back on when needed (because, let’s face it, we all need one sometimes.) Ringing in the new year with familiar friends is always a great way to ensure you are not completely losing yourself in the midst of all the change.

I have entered the new year with my best friend every year since 2018. She has become my support system and held me to my goals even when things get hard to process. Change is hard, so having my best friend there to support any change I go through allows me to not completely lose my sense of self as I am sticking to my resolutions. The new year can be a beautiful time of change. Resolutions are set in place to better ourselves. Ultimately, we have to remember to stay true to ourselves in any resolutions we make.

Change is scary and can be very difficult to navigate, but that is okay! Keep your friends and family close by your side as we enter this new year. Change is inevitable, but you don't have to go through it alone, your SADD family is here for you always. Post in the SADD Nation MySADD group, DM us on social @SADDNation, or send someone at SADD an email to connect with others in your area. We can get through this together SADD Nation!

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