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In a study analyzed by NHTSA, teen drivers were two-and-a-half times more likely to engage in one or more potentially risky behaviors when driving with one teenage peer, compared to when driving alone. According to the same study analyzed by NHTSA, the likelihood of teen drivers engaging in or more more risky behaviors when traveling with multiple passengers increased to three times compared to when driving alone. In fact, research shows that the risk of a fatal crash goes up in direct relation to the number of teenagers in the car.

Adult Tips:

  • Set strict limits on passengers.

  • When driving together, point out things they might be missing.

  • Keep the phone off and always wear your seat belt.

  • Make sure everyone knows your rules and the reasons behind them.

  • Be the Scapegoat. Devise a plan your teen can use if they are asked to drive a friend home or get in a car with another teen.


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