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Olivia Hollis (she/her) is the State Coordinator for Georgia, working on expanding SADD across the state and empowering youths to take ownership of their communities' safety. She has called the Peach State home since birth and has lived in Downtown Atlanta for over 15 years. Prior to joining SADD in late 2022, Olivia worked to support Georgia families as the Development and Operations Director of The Sullivan Center and as a Parent Fellow for GeorgiaCAN.

Olivia has a passion for service to her community and all those around her. Her main goal is to help Georgia students and parents to excel in all aspects of life. Leveraging her skills to improve lives, benefit her community and support worthy causes energize her. Outside of SADD, Olivia loves spending time with her friends and family at festivals of any kind, boutique coffee and clothing shops, and live music or theater performances.

Olivia Hollis

State Coordinator


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