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Left Turns

The Right Way to Make Left Turns | Fanwood High School (NJ), 2014 Winners

Left turns require advanced signaling and extra caution. As you learn how to drive make sure you learn how to make a lefthand turn using your vehicle's turn signals so that you are prepared and confident behind the wheel.

Adult Tips:

  • Remind your teen that making a left-hand turn requires using their judgment as to when they can safely turn.

  • Stress the importance of turn signals, to give other drivers a warning that they are slowing down to make the left turn.

  • When you are driving and making a left-hand turn, point out how you are turning into the left lane, and mention that you should never turn into the right-hand lane when making a left-hand turn.

Teen Tips:

  • Always use your turn signal so other drivers are aware that you are going to turn.

  • Turn the wheel gently, staying in your turn lane. Many crashes have been caused by drivers who drift into another turn lane.

  • Always look left, look right, and then look left again before turning.

  • Be prepared to make wider turns when you turn left.

  • Yield to pedestrians and vehicles who have the right-of-way.



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