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Dangers of the Dark

We Are Not Superheroes | 2016 Winners

According to the National Safety Council, driving at night is more dangerous than any other time of day. In fact, the risk of a fatal crash is three times greater at night.

Adult Tips:

  • Discuss with your teen a time you had difficulty seeing in the dark. Talk about how you had to be more vigilant.

  • Talk about:

  • What to do when they are driving and tired.

  • Not driving if they are too tired. Offer to give them a ride.

  • The importance of minimizing distractions when driving at night. Tell them it's okay to ask other passengers to be quiet.

  • Take your teen to practice driving at night.

Teen Tips:

  • Be aware of reduced visibility.

  • Slow down to account for less visibility.

  • Use bright headlights when there are no oncoming cars and it is not foggy.

  • Keep the windshield clean.

  • Do not drive when you are tired.

  • Be alert of other drivers. Most driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol happens at night.

  • Dim the dashboard lights.

  • Do not stare directly into oncoming lights. Have your vision checked regularly.

  • If your car is equipped with the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) blind spot warning feature, learn how to use it properly.



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