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Blind Spots

Always Share the Road | 2013 Winners

As a driver, it is very important to know where your blind spots are on your vehicle. Click the links below for more helpful tips to help protect you and those around you from an avoidable crash.

Adult Tips:

  • Explain a blind spot to your teen.

  • Tell them about a close encounter that you've experienced with your blind spot.

  • Remind them to always check over their shoulder and not rely on their mirrors or advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) blind spot warning systems.

  • Point out the blind spots in your car and show them how to check them when driving.

  • Explain that the blind spots on semi-trucks are larger than those on passenger vehicles and to use extra caution when trying to merge or switch lanes when they are near a semi-truck.

Teen Tips:

  • Before driving, ensure visibility in all mirrors:
    Adjust the inside mirror to see out the entire rear window.
    Adjust outside mirrors so you just barely see the side of your car.

  • When changing lanes, use mirrors and look over your shoulder while keeping the wheel steady.

  • Be aware of driving in the blind spots of other vehicles, particularly 18-wheelers.If you cannot see the truck driver's reflection in his or her side mirror, you are in the truck driver's blind spot, and they cannot see you.

  • Watch out for fast-moving vehicles in your blind spots.



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