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Watch the webinar below by former SPEAKs Students about the value of applying for SPEAKs.

SADD provides opportunity for select SADD students to join an exciting advocacy-training program called SADD SPEAKs (Students for Policy, Education, Advocacy, & Knowledge).  This national program is an opportunity for students to gain valuable skills and assist the national organization through a special advocacy-training institute. The goal of SADD SPEAKs is to equip, train and empower teen leaders in advocacy, leadership and the public policy process around traffic safety.

SADD SPEAKs delegates will lead the national organization in its advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and before their own state and local governments. These student leaders will have a positive and lasting effect on public policy, demonstrating the power of America’s young people to speak persuasively on critically important issues.

This year students will be asked to develop an advocacy plan to address an impaired driving issue (distracted, drowsy, drugged or underage drinking and driving).

The SPEAKs program itself consists of three components:

1. Online Training: Content will focus on public speaking, coalition building and basic advocacy skills.  There will also be a series of webinars with traffic safety experts on current issues in impaired driving for teens.   Finally, students will work with government affairs mentors to develop an advocacy strategy.

2. Visit to Washington DC: The capstone SPEAKs event is a four day, three night,  visit to Washington, DC, where students meet with representatives of national organizations dedicated to traffic safety, Congressional staff focused on transportation policy and federal agency staff responsible for federal policy related to teen traffic safety.  Students will also plan and moderate a briefing for hill staff on teens and impaired driving.

3. Follow-up and Mobilization:  After visiting D.C. students will put their new skills into practice by working to influence local, state and/or federal policy as well as leading SADD’s efforts to mobilize thousands of SADD students across the country.

A group of 15 dynamic student leaders will be chosen through a competitive selection process on the basis of their experience, leadership qualities, public speaking ability, and other criteria. Applications are accepted from high school sophomores and juniors who are currently active in a SADD chapter. A panel of judges with experience in youth development, highway safety, and government agency or legislative process will make the decision about participants.

For further information about applying to SPEAKs, feel free to contact us today or call 508-481-3568×248

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