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Bailey comes to the SADD National Staff from Falls City, Nebraska, and is a 2020 graduate from Peru State College, where she majored in Criminal Justice Counseling and Psychology. Currently, Bailey is SADD's Communications Manager, where she serves as the voice of SADD’s social media outreach, manages SADD’s brand image, and designs marketing content on behalf of the organization.

Not long ago, she was a SADD student herself, serving as a member of the 2017-2018 SADD National College Advisory Council (CAC), where she served as the Vice President of Communications. Before that, she was a member of the SADD National Student Leadership Council (SLC) in 2015-2016. Throughout her time with SADD, she has found a true passion for Traffic Safety and strives to do her part to ensure that zero deaths on our roadways will remain the only acceptable goal when it comes to highway safety.

Bailey Bindle

Bailey Bindle

Asst. Director of Field Engagement

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