The Nation's Premier Youth Health & Safety Organization
The Nation's Premier Youth Health & Safety Organization

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Home: Learn all about the SADD mission, our approach to teen empowerment, and how to assist in effective and inspirational youth leadership development.

Who We Are: For 33 years SADD has been empowering teens through peer-to-peer communication. Learn who we are, about our approach, and how to make a difference!

What We Care About: Youth across the national have voiced their concern over a number of the pressures that they face on a daily basis, including substance abuse, depression and anxiety, and more.

Youth Leadership Development: SADD strives to make a difference at the community, state, and national levels. Learn about how SADD assists in youth leadership development across the entire country.

Traffic Safety: From educating teen driver about distracted driving, impaired driving, and general roadway safety, SADD’s primary initiatives rest on making our roads a safer place for all.

Substance Abuse: Teens face a number of peer pressures each and every day, substance abuse being one of the primary ones. Join SADD in the fight against this destructive behavior.

Personal Health & Safety: From emotional and physical abuse to violence prevention to depression and anxiety, SADD plays a great roll in increasing the awareness of teenage health and safety.

Get Involved: From making a contribution, becoming a chapter advisor or state coordinator, to attending a SADD event, there are a number of ways to join in the fight against destructive decision making!

Make a Contribution: From financial donations to attending an event to becoming a corporate partner, there is no end to ways you can make a contribution to SADD!

Be Informed: The first step towards youth empowerment is to become informed! Stay up to date with the causes that matter most to SADD.

Join the Movement: Empowering today’s youth depends on the involvement of compassionate adults. Learn how you can take on an advisory or coordinator role.

Communications: Stay connected with the ongoing efforts of SADD and find resources that will help you in the fight for greater teen empowerment.

SADD National Multimedia: Interested in learning all you can about SADD’s efforts, events, and causes? Catch up on SADD news with an assortment of videos, articles, and resources!

Contact SADD: Whether you’ve got a question, a concern, or a great idea on how you can make a difference, contact SADD today.

Locations: Our state level SADD locations allow us to make a difference on a national level. Find a SADD location near you and join the fight!

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