The Nation's Premier Youth Health & Safety Organization
The Nation's Premier Youth Health & Safety Organization

SADD Corporate and Cause-related Sponsorships

Partnering with SADD is not only a way to serve in local communities…it is also a good business investment!  

Corporate partners are essential in helping SADD accomplish its mission. Through generosity of businesses ranging from family-owned local enterprises to some of the world’s largest corporations, we are able to save lives by equipping our nation’s youth to stand strong against destructive decisions and become leaders in prevention their communities!

As a corporate partner, you will align your company with the nation’s premier youth health and safety organization while having the unique opportunity to make a deep connection with the local communities where you and your employees work and live.  Supporting SADD helps you to:

In a 2015 study by the Cone Research Group, 90% of consumers given similar price and quality, are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause

  • Align with a well-respected, national 501 (c)(3) organization with an extensive network of students, parents, school personnel and community supporters
  • Create greater public awareness of your corporate identity and  appeal to a new audience of potential customers & employees
  • Portray a positive image to shareholders
  • Provide opportunities for employee involvement which will nurture corporate pride and morale and develop team building
  • Identify year-round and national promotional opportunities for your company and the products you sell

Sponsorship Opportunities                                                                SADD Partnership Opportunities (pdf)

National Sponsor – National corporate or cause-marketing alliance that is tailored to work for your brand and ours.

SADDSTRONG Mission Partner – Underwrite annual prevention program materials & events implemented by thousands of chapters in schools and communities nation-wide. Opportunities to form local relationships in the communities most important to you.

Student Leadership Program Partnerships Sponsor national/state level leadership programs for teens: SADD SPEAK’s (Students for Policy, Education, Advocacy and Knowledge), DomeShift, or Student Leadership Council.

Internship Program – SADD students are the top of their class, well-rounded and health and safety minded. Create an internship that gives high school students an opportunity to consider a career in your industry.

SADD Annual Conference on Youth Health & Safety Sponsorship Sponsorship levels available for SADD National Conference and Exhibitor Area that include workshop, focus group, and presentation opportunities.
2017 National Conference Sponsorship Opportunities (pdf)

Regional and State Sponsorship Opportunities – Targeted sponsorship opportunities to support SADD chapter activities in your local community or region.

NEW!  Sponsor one or all three SADD Symposium Series!  The symposiums are the best way to bring together the leaders in youth health and safety to evaluate where we are in our priority areas, what promising practices are working, and where we go next.  Symposiums are typically held in Washington, DC and are attended live and online by hundreds of youth, prevention professionals, state and federal agencies, and other interested parties.

Contact Rick Birt today to discuss partnering with SADD to bring these very important events to the public. He can be reached at rbirt @ sadd.org or 508-481-3568 ext 248.

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