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The Nation's Premier Youth Health & Safety Organization

President’s Challenge

2018 President’s Challenge!

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On February 15th, I was named the President and CEO of SADD by the Board of Directors. I cannot tell you how much your well wishes and kind words have meant to me. Today, I need your financial assistance to help fuel the mission of SADD.

I am pleased to launch the President’s Challenge, a giving effort to ensure SADD’s sustainability moving forward. There has never been a more critical time in our nation for our young people to feel safe and protected. As the new President & CEO, I am calling on you—my friends, family, colleagues, and professional support system—to help me ensure that the nation’s premier youth health and safety organization is able to continue our work of empowering teens, engaging parents, mobilizing communities, and changing lives.

SADD has truly been a guiding force in my life since I joined the organization as a freshman at Northwestern High School. I had the incredible experience of seeing first-hand how a caring adult advisor (Mrs. Cromwell) could empower young people. I have been blessed to be surrounded by engaged parents, who were always willing to have tough conversations with me. My community of Springfield, Ohio was always willing to mobilize in the fight to keep our young people safe. Sadly, not all young people are as fortunate. We continue to lose teens at an alarming rate to causes that are totally preventable—car crashes, drug use, self-harm, and much more.

As I begin this journey, I am reminded of the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Today, I need your help to keep young people safe and I hope you will join our “village.” You have always been a great supporter of mine, and I know you will help me launch this new chapter of my professional career by making a gift to SADD.

Thank you for your continued support of myself and the cause that means so much to so many.


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Rick Birt
President & CEO

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