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Program Manager:

Carol Lucio


Pilot program

SADD has been successfully piloting efforts in Caribbean nations since 2021, thanks to generous grant funding from the

Organization of American States (OAS).

Countries that opt to participate will select coordinators to serve as on-the-ground representatives. SADD will train these National Coordinators and other interested stakeholders to start, form, and mobilize SADD chapter(s) throughout the country. SADD provides ongoing technical support to these new chapters to ensure a successful launch of the program.

OAS funded chapters are part of a joint collaborative with the Inter- American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD), and focus efforts on substance use prevention (alcohol, tobacco, and other substances), personal health support (physical and emotional, anxiety and depression, mental health, suicide, and self- harm prevention).


  • Bahamas

  • Suriname

Want to get involved in this pilot program? Connect with Carol!

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OAS SADD is supported through funding from the Organization of American States.

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