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NRSF Free Traffic Safety Programs

Looking for resources to build an awareness campaign, speak to a loved one or to do a class project?  Look no further.  It’s all here courtesy of our partner, the National Road Safety Foundation!

All programs can be downloaded or viewed from the NRSF site. If you want to receive actual copies, go to the “All Programs” link on the NRSF site to place your order. NRSF materials are FREE of charge and tool kits include DVD’s of safe driving films, a CD-ROM of accommodating Power Point Presentations and Discussion Guides with group activities and additional information for learning purposes!

Distracted Driving
A three-module film inspired by teens with teens in mind on the dangers of distracted driving.  Includes Ami I Distracted? Questionnaire and PowerPoint presentation.

Tyler’s Story – At age 14, Tyler was joy riding with a friend who was speeding and distracted by other teens in the car. He tells his story and urges others to speak up if they are in a compromising position.

Ashley’s Story – Ashley died while she was texting at the wheel. Her classmates remember their friend and explain how the senseless tragedy has changed their lives.

Pledge – Teens work together in their school to bring awareness on the dangers of distracted driving and encourage their peers to take a safe driving pledge.

Click here to download the videos and materials  on Distracted Driving

Impaired Driving

Road Buzzed – A 7 ½ minute series of films that empower teens to prevent, avoid or get out of impaired driving situations.

What is Impaired Driving  (2:58)

Common Myths  (1:28)    Download     View

Alcohol Poisoning  (1:23)  Download     View

Peer Pressure  (2:09)   Download   View

Stay In the Picture – A Teen Prom Program.  The 7-minute series of films demonstrate risks taken while driving before prom, prom night and during summer break.  All 4 films (7:28 total running time)

Occupant Protection

Everyone Needs to Click It
Three animated segments about seatbelt safety, each focusing on the need for everyone to buckle up.

All 3 segments (2:45 total running time)


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