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Joining SADD Nation in 2022, Hillari Morgan is the State Coordinator for Maine, educating and empowering youth in becoming leaders and advocates in health and safety. Born and raised in the Pine Tree State, and attending a multitude of schools within Maine, Hillari has strong ambitions of providing connections and resources to those with the power to enact positive change.

Prior to joining SADD Nation’s team, Hillari received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education and was an English teacher for 12 years. She worked with upper middle school and high school students, both in the classroom, as well as through the Civil Rights Team. Hillari also spent time in the field with student teachers, and in 2018 she became certified in Maine’s mentor program for educators, providing mentorship for new hires within the school.

Hillari’s passion is really in being a resource for others and she is thrilled to be a part of SADD Nation. When she isn’t doing something connected to youth and education, you can typically find her reading, shopping, visiting a new coffee shop, or perusing through the aisles of a bookstore.

Hillari Morgan

State Coordinator


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