Having joined SADD in December 2020, Aaron Medina is currently serving as the North Carolina State Coordinator and Program Manager.

As state coordinator, Aaron is dedicated to helping students overcome region and state-specific challenges through empowerment, education, and support. Leading with positivity, he strives to make NC SADD an inclusive, healthy environment dedicated to the physical and mental wellness of its members and their communities. Having grown up in Morgantown, NC, and graduated with a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Aaron is committed to enhancing the safety and wellness of his home state to make growing up in North Carolina the best experience it can be for all.

Aaron also serves as SADD Program Manager, developing and implementing content for all members nationwide. This includes SADD Leads, a leadership development series dedicated to helping SADD members recognize and grow their unique leadership abilities and perspectives while becoming young professionals.

Before joining SADD, Aaron worked for the Walt Disney Company as an assistant manager, event coordinator, and trainer at Disneyland, CA. For over 5 years, he represented Disney while traveling globally to collaborate with international partners for live events and large-scale productions. Aaron also oversaw a Mentor Program, facilitating and training over 40 supervisors for Disneyland Character Operations.

He is excited to continue utilizing his experience and insights while assisting every SADD member in becoming the best versions of themselves to make a positive change in the world.

Aaron Medina

State Coordinator

North Carolina