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Caption: 2015-2016 Student Leadership Council

The SADD National Student Leadership Council (SLC) plays a major role in the nationwide success of SADD. SLC members work directly with the SADD National staff on new and continuing projects, while maintaining active leadership roles within their own local chapters. Often called upon to represent the national organization, SLC members travel to conferences, media events, and task force meetings on behalf of SADD. Without exception, Student Leadership Council members are accomplished individuals who have demonstrated their commitment by reaching out to peers, friends, and younger students through SADD and other peer-support programs. They are individuals who have exemplified the SADD model of empowerment and caregiving through involvement in community service, especially in projects relating to substance abuse prevention, highway safety, and other issues that affect youth.

In addition to establishing national representation for SADD, the SLC’s goals include creating a system of grassroots communication to supply information to new and existing chapters and making recommendations to the SADD National Board of Directors for priorities and issues. The SLC’s members are actively involved in planning, implementing, and evaluating the SADD National Conference each summer, and many members present workshops at the conference.

Comprised of 8 to 10 young people, each from a different state, SLC members bring unique local and state perspectives to the national organization. The SLC is supervised by a staff advisor who helps to guide the council in its deliberations and travels. An active group, the SLC members communicate via online conference calls each month and often interact via email and Facebook throughout their term. The SLC is represented on the SADD National Board of Directors by the Student of the Year, who chairs the Council and the Student of the Year Emeritus.

Apply for the SLC

The application deadline for the 2015-2016 SADD National Student Leadership Council has passed. The members of the 2015-2016 SLC will be announced by May 1.

2015-2016 Student Leadership Council

Dalaney Bryan Delaney, Massachusetts
2015-2016 SADD National Student of the Year: Bryan is a freshman at Ithaca College where he continues to promote SADD’s “No-Use” lifestyle in the collegiate setting. In his time at Easthampton High School in Easthampton, MA, his chapter hosted a “Concert For a Cause” to raise awareness about distracted driving and substance abuse and also played a key role in passing a local ordinance to ban smoking in local parks. As the 2015-16 SADD National Student of the Year, Bryan is responsible for leading the Student Leadership Council. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys photography, golf, waterfalls, and his time as a member of the New England Frog Group!
Britnee Breeden Britnee Breeden, Tennessee: Currently a senior at Pigeon Forge High School in Sevierville, TN, Britnee is involved in her school’s cheerleading team, lacrosse team, student government, key club, and much more. Britnee’s commitment to leadership within SADD and elsewhere encouraged her to join the SADD National Student Leadership Council to ensure that SADD remains an integral part of her community and the nation! “I believe the secret to a successful SADD Chapter is commitment. A serious commitment means sticking to it no matter what difficulties are presented.” Britnee spends time giving back to her community through recycling awareness, pep rallies, and food drives!
Giancarlo Lona Gianni Iona, Pennsylvania: After personal loss, Gianni became highly involved in SADD to ensure that all students understand the consequences of destructive decisions. At Wallenpaupack Area High School (WAHS) in Hawley, PA, Gianni was able to start up a program that allowed a mobile kiosk, full of SADD materials, to be present at school and community events, teaching the community about the dangers of destructive decisions. Summer of 2014, Gianni participated in SADD SPEAKs (Students for Policy, Education, Awareness, and Knowledge) where he and a team of others took their passion for educating the community to a larger scale by holding a rally in Washington, D.C. for legislative change. Between his very own entertainment business, , track and field, and Mock Trial, Gianni finds time to serve as the President of the WAHS SADD chapter!
Limini JImenez Limini Jimenez, Illinois: A recent graduate of Prociso West High School and freshman at Aurora University, Limni was the President of her SADD chapter for 3 years where she was able to find positive influence and the ability to help others do the same. She furthered her involvement by being selected for the 2014-2015 Illinois SADD Student Advisory Board. This leadership experience provided her with the tools to apply for the SADD National SLC! Limni said, “SADD affords students the opportunity to serve as peer role models. When students see their own friends speak out against destructive behaviors, it is very powerful.”
Julio Mendez Julio Mendez, California: Hailing from the West Coast, Julio is currently a freshman at the University of California- Los Angeles. While attending Desert Mirage High School in Thermal, CA, Julio was President of his SADD chapter, a member of the California SADD Student Leadership Council, a member of SADD SPEAKs (Students for Policy, Education, Advocacy, and Knowledge), Student Government Commissioner for his class, and Vice-president of the HealthCorps program, cross country club, and track club. Julio sees SADD as playing a vital piece in his life. “SADD has completely change my life and helped me accomplish so many unimaginable things!”
Place Daly Place, Massachusetts: Daly is highly involved in her community through acting as a lifeguard at her local pool, participating at a youth ministry, serving on student council, and of course SADD. She was President of the Wayland High School (WHS) SADD Chapter in Wayland, MA, selected as the 2014-2015 Massachusetts SADD Student of the Year, worked with SADD SPEAKs (Students for Policy, Education, Advocacy, and Knowledge) in 2014, and is now a member of the SADD National Student Leadership Council. Through WHS SADD, Daly and others developed Project Resilience, a project aimed to help parents be better support systems for their children. Daly is now a freshman at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
Sims_Derek Derek Sims, Indiana: For 3 years now, Derek has found opportunities to grow through SADD. He started in SADD at Elwood High School in Elwood, IN in 2012. He then joined the Madison County SADD board in 2013 and the Indiana SADD Student Leadership Council in 2014. Derek has spent countless hours working to ensure that students are safer by being educated about issues that are relevant to them! “I feel it is my job as a SADD leader to encourage my peers to learn from their past decisions, see that their safety and future are more important, and make better choices from then on.” In addition to SADD, Derek is involved with varsity tennis and varsity swim team and also spends time volunteering across the community in food, clothing, and personal hygiene drives.
Snuffer_Jacob Jacob Snuffer, West Virgina: From Bolt, WV, Jacob Snuffer has volunteered at youth centers, helped to clean up his community, participated in food drives and giveaways, as well as being named state champion for male vocalist through his church. Jacob has worked with the West Virginia’s Governor’s Task Force, presented at local and state-wide SADD events, and worked to plan the WV SADD Conference. His personal connection to the effects of drugs and alcohol allow Jacob to see the amazing value of SADD that encouraged him to promote SADD at Wyoming East High School. “This is an organization that prides itself on its ability to encourage other students to make positive and healthy decisions, and it shows them the positive effects that result from those decisions.”
Trujillo_Cheyenne Cheyenne Trujillo, Alabama: As a member of the largest SADD chapter in 2014, Cheyenne proved her commitment to SADD by accumulating over 800 hours of community service! Cheyenne hopes that SADD can continue to be a positive influence in her community by acting as a role model. Cheyenne stepped up into a leadership role as a sophomore at Dothan High School in Dothan, AL when she became an officer and her chapter’s President for two years. Her favorite SADD project is an original campaign called “i.AM” that looks at the issue of bullying by highlighting the uniqueness in each of us to combat the negativity of bullies. Now a freshman at Birmingham-Southern College, Cheyenne continues to encourage others to make healthy decisions!
Steel_Madeline Madeline Seel, Pennsylvania
SADD National Student of the Year Emeritus: Currently a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA, Maddie acts as the 2015-2016 Student of the Year Emeritus. Her involvement in SADD began in 2012 after a close friend was killed by a distracted driver. Maddie began a program in her high school called Y.I.E.L.D. (Youth Involved Education of Legal Drivers) to help educate the community about distracted driving. Since then, she has embraced SADD’s mission to ensure that her peers stay safe by making smarter decisions! She served on the 2013-2014 SLC and went on to become Student of the Year for 2014-2015. “SADD is a family of people who choose to live a happy, healthy lifestyle and make choices to keep themselves and others safe. SADD has definitely changed my life for the better!”

The SADD Student Leadership Council allows us to empower millions of students each and every year. To learn more, join the movement, or make a contribution by contacting us or calling 1-877-SADD-INC.

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