The Philosophy of SADD
SADD was founded on the simple philosophy that young people, empowered to help each other, are the most effective force in prevention. For more than a quarter-century, SADD has been recognized as a national leader in alcohol and drug education and prevention. What began as a small-town, grass-roots response to the tragedy of two impaired driving crashes and the resulting deaths of two teenage students quickly grew to become a nationwide organization fueled by millions of young people across the country and around the world. Through the efforts of SADD and similar organizations and with changes in government policy and law, the number of teen alcohol-related traffic crashes has been reduced by almost 60 percent. SADD’s "Contract for Life" has become part of the vernacular. At the same time, the world of teenagers has become more complex, and substance abuse, violence, HIV/AIDS, and suicide are also threats to teens’ well-being. With its expansion of focus to include other destructive decisions, SADD is the premier youth-based education and prevention organization in America and maintains the ability to play a leading role in effective, evidence-based prevention programming.

The Value of SADD

SADD chapters serve as a direct link to the heart of a school system and community. Using students themselves as primary agents and meaningful contributors, SADD chapters have become an efficient and effective avenue for quality programming to be implemented in thousands of schools and communities across the country. The SADD National office supports its chapters and develops programming grounded in the most up-to-date concepts, information, and strategies from research and practice. Ultimately, SADD has the potential to lead the youth culture into a new era in which young people passionately embrace their ability and desire to nurture and protect their minds, bodies, spirits, and futures.



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