SADD Trademark Policy: Use of SADD Name and Logos

The brand name or trademark "SADD" is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Careful protection of the SADD trademark ultimately works to the benefit of all SADD operations. All rights to use "SADD" and the SADD logos are reserved by SADD, Inc., a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation. Except as permitted below, "SADD" or any SADD logo may be reproduced only with written permission from SADD National. Requests must be made in writing with an explanation of the intended use. Use of the name and mark may only be coupled with products and messaging that are consistent with SADD’s policies and positions. SADD chapters should be familiar with SADD’s "No Use" Position and "Is Your Chapter Sending the Right Message?" which are available on SADD’s Web site, The following are additional guidelines for use of the SADD trademark and logo.

If you have any questions, please contact the SADD National office toll-free at 877-SADD-INC (723-3462) or e-mail us at

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