SADD Serves

SADD National encourages all chapters to reach out into the community. Service projects are one of the best ways to constructively engage youth; in fact, the rewards and experiences gained during a service project have the potential to leave a huge impact on not only those in need, but also those serving. A community service project does not have to be as large as building a new library. Rather, it can be a simple act of kindness, a gesture or a helping hand to those in need. This is an opportunity for SADD students to develop an inner connection to the community and foster a caring relationship with those whom you help. Read on and learn how your chapter can have a positive effect in your community. This will be a life-changing experience!

This packet provides a variety of resources and ideas. The SADD Serves: Youth Giving Back community service initiative encourages chapters to take on a service project in your community.

Download the SADD Serves: Youth Giving Back packet.