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Suggested Activities: Drugs

Activity Table Tents or Fliers

Time of Year Any time of year

Summary Many teens are unaware of the dangers of club drugs.


To promote awareness of the dangers of club drugs

Materials Needed Colored paper for table tents or fliers

What to Do

  1. Copy the sample templates onto posters, fliers, or table tents.

  2. Distribute them all over the school, including in the bathrooms.

  3. Reduce the size of the template on a copier and make table tents for your cafeteria, food courts, or restaurants in the community.


Whether you’re lying on the beach, at a party, or relaxing after a long day, it’s important that you keep an eye on your drink.

If you don’t, you could become a victim of "date rape drugs" like Rohypnol.

What is Rohypnol?
Rohypnol, the "date rape drug," is being used because of its sedative and hypnotic effects. The drug is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. It is often put into drinks of victims who unknowingly succumb to muscle relaxation and amnesia, making them prime targets for sexual assault and rape.

What does Rohypnol look like?
Rohypnol tablets are white and scored on one side and may be printed with the word "ROCHE." The tablets can be dissolved in a drink and the drug is then undetectable.

What symptoms occur if you have ingested Rohypnol?
Ten minutes after ingesting the drug, the victim will feel dizzy and disoriented. The victim may also experience sensations of nausea, being too hot, or being too cold. The victim will encounter trouble speaking and moving. Finally, the victim will lose consciousness.

How can you avoid being a victim of "date rape drugs"?

Everyone is not drinking and using other drugs.

Download this infomation in MS Word format.

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