SADD's 25th Birthday!

Register Your Chapter’s 25th Birthday Celebration Event!

Planning to Celebrate SADD’s Birthday

There are several possible program options in the plan to celebrate SADD’s birthday. First, and most importantly, we would like every SADD chapter to plan one large event to take place on Thursday evening, November 2nd. This Thursday evening event is what we call "SADD Lantern Night."

If your chapter is really excited about this birthday opportunity, you can also hold a week of themed SADD activities. Chapters can illustrate the broad reach and focus of SADD by running activities with a different theme each day. Here is a suggested outline of daily themes.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Activity Theme:
Safe Driving
Activity Theme: Tobacco Activity Theme: Alcohol and Other drugs SADD Lantern Night! Activity Theme: Violence

The following pages contain ideas for you to consider as you plan SADD’s 25th birthday event celebration. As you read through, keep in mind the strengths and abilities of your SADD chapter members and choose the ideas that would be a good match for your SADD chapter. You can select from the ideas provided on these pages or be creative with your own.


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