In the News:


SADD op-eds that have been carried in newspapers across the country.

Shattered: Impaired Driving by Millions of Teens Contributes to Crash Deaths (4/25/13)
One in Four Teens Admits to Driving Under the Influence and Many Believe It Does Not Impact Their Safety (4/25/13)
Prom Kicks off a Series of Dangerous Seasonal Driving Events for Teens, According to Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD
[also see Teen Driving Infographic]
The Fierce Urgency of Now (2/5/13)
Alliance For Consumer Education and SADD Partner on National Inhalant Curriculum - New Guide Targeting Middle School Students & High School Peer Leaders Released (September 27, 2012)
CARE/SADD Survey Investigates Risky Behaviors By Teens On College Visits (May 29, 2012)
On the Bright Side, editorial for the “Teen Health & Happiness” supplement to USA Today (April 2012)
"Reindeer Games: Holiday Hooliganism Determines Danger"
The Hardest Thing: Lapses and lessons From the Happy Valley Horror Show (11/10/11)
Promises to Keep - Honesty is Key to Teen Driving Safety (9/7/11)
"Close Call - Why Driving Responsibly is a Two-Way Street For Teens and Parents"
"The Gift of a Lifetime: Friends Don't let Friends Drive Dangerously"
"Snap! How Split-Second Decisions Imperil Youth"
"Equivocation-Dithering on Drinking Puts Youth at Risk"
"Already Gone: A Parents Guide to Surviving Senior Spring"
"A Clear and Present Danger: Marijuana and the Marginalization of Prevention"
An (other) Inconvenient Truth: the Backstory Behind the Drinking Age Debate
"Why Not 21? - The Renewed Debate Over Underage Drinking"
"Transformers- The Positive Presence of Teachers and Teens"
"Anatomy of a Bust-Cops and Kids: Enforcing Zero Tolerance"
Holding On, Letting Go: Graduation Season Brings Risk and Reward
Chopper Down: Parents Get Conflicting Signals About Nurturing Teens
"Tis' The Season-Allowing Holiday Drinking by Teens Sets Dangerous Precedent
"House Party-Graduation Celebrations Often Leave Teens at Risk
"Get Real About Teenage Drinking-Part Three: Truth and Consequences"
Meet the Snoopers: Parenting, Privacy, Common Sense, and Communication
"Holiday Cheer- Underage Drinking:Reality, Responsibility and Accountability"
"Too Little Too Late-Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and the College Education of High School Students"
"Cat and Mouse-Trust, truth and drug testing teens"
"More than a Village-Underage drinking in America"
"Triple Threat-Madness, myths and adolescent risk taking
"Mixed Messages-Kids needs traight talk to stay safe at prom, graduation"
"Running for Cover-Scarsdale High School's Homecoming Scramble"
"Short Circuit-Hobgoblins and adolescent neurochemistry"