• During the past month (30 days), 26.4% of underage persons (ages 12-20) have used alcohol, and the percentage of binge drinking among the same age group is 17.4%.
  • Alcohol use remains extremely widespread among today’s teenagers.  Nearly three quarters of students (72%) have consumed alcohol (more than just a few sips) by the end of high school, and more than a third (37%) have done so by 8th grade.
  • Past-month alcohol use rates declined between 2002 and 2008 for those ages 12 or 13 (4.3% to 3.4%), 14 or 15 (16.6% to 13.1%), 16 or 17 (32.6% to 26.2%), and 18-20 (51.0% to 48.7%).
  • Among race demographics, whites have the highest percentage of underage (ages 12-20) alcohol use (30.1%).  Asians had the lowest rate (17.2%).
  • In 2008, 56.2% of current underage drinkers (ages 12-20) reported that their last use of alcohol occurred in someone else’s home; 29.6% reported that it had occurred in their own home.
  • Among underage drinkers (ages 12-20), 30.8% paid for the alcohol the last time they drank – including 8.3% who purchased the alcohol themselves and 22.3% who gave money to someone else to purchase it.  Among those who did not pay for the alcohol they drank, 37.4% got it from an unrelated person of legal drinking age; 21.1% received it from a parent, guardian, or other adult family member.

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