“My parents make sure that I know it's always okay to speak with them about anything.  They have introduced me to positive influences, like a good set of friends and a good education.  They helped me achieve what I want to do with-my sports, my art, and anything else that I am passionate about. They talk with me regularly about issues teenagers face and it's really helpful to know that I can talk to them. My parents and I have really open communication, which I love.”

- Jennifer, Senior


“I am fortunate enough to have a very good set of parents.  They don't "ruin my life", as some teenagers would describe their parents.  We have a very good relationship.  I suppose the only thing that does get awkward is when they bring up difficult subjects in the car.  I know it may seem like the best place, because that means that I can't go anywhere.  However, I think it is much better if conversations are held elsewhere, where it is possible to take a break if the subject matter gets too hard to talk about. “

- Shawn, Junior