Going Up in Smoke

Time of Year

November - SADD Calendar
Any time of year


Every day thousands of teens start smoking. With education and promotion, students can learn to say no to tobacco.


To educate the group on the dangers of smoking and encourage them not to smoke.


Middle or high school groups

Materials Needed

  • Going Up in Smoke list of ingredients
  • Scissors
  • Two signs that say, "Not Found in Smoke" and "Found in Smoke"
  • Tape

What to Do

  1. Click here to download the Going Up in Smoke list of ingredients. Cut out the ingredients into small pieces of paper.
  2. Hang the "Not Found in Smoke" sign on one side of the room and the "Found in Smoke" sign on the other side.
  3. Pass out the pieces of paper to each student in the group.
  4. Have the group members stand on the designated sides of the room based on whether they believe the ingredient listed on the paper is actually found in cigarette smoke or not.
  5. Start with the people standing by the "Not Found in Smoke" and ask them one by one to read their card. After each person reads the card, he or she should move over to the other side.
  6. Ask those who originally stood on the "Found in Smoke" side to read their ingredients individually.
  7. All of the ingredients are found in cigarette smoke.

Pose the following questions for discussion.

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