Magazines: What do they say?

Time of Year

November - SADD Calendar
Any time of year


Every day thousands of teens start smoking. With education and promotion, students can learn to say no to tobacco.


To educate teens on the dangers of smoking and encourage them not to smoke


Middle or high school groups        

Materials Needed

  • Magazines (collect some that allow tobacco advertisements)
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • Tape

Cigarette advertising may be one of the main reasons young people start smoking.

What to Do

  1. Have the group brainstorm about the pressures that exist to begin smoking.
  2. Distribute all supplies to the group.
  3. Have each member find and cut out any tobacco advertisements and/or words that come to mind when they think of smoking. Have the group consider the pressures to smoke and what advertisers want teens to think about smoking.
  4. Members can make a collage using the construction paper, tape, and magazine pieces.
  5. Have group members split into small groups of four or five students and discuss their collages. Students then describe the message they think the picture is telling them about smoking.

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