What's in a Cigarette?

Time of Year

November - SADD Calendar
Any time of year


Every day thousands of teens start smoking. With education and promotion, students can learn to say no to tobacco.


To educate the group on the dangers of smoking and encourage them not to smoke


Middle or high school groups

Materials Needed

1. Activity Cards
2. Scissors

Cigarettes are composed of more than 5,000 different chemicals, 40 of which are known to be human carcinogens (cancer causing agents). So what exactly is in a cigarette? Some of the ingredients found in cigarettes are also found in other products, such as household cleaners and poisonous gases.

What to Do

  1. Click here to download the activity card. Cut out the activity cards.
  2. Separate participants into small groups of 4-5. Give a full set of activity cards to each group.
  3. Have the groups match the ingredients cards with the product cards.
  4. Explain to the participants that all of the ingredients that they are matching up are also found in cigarettes.
After the activity, pose the following questions.

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