Tobacco Bingo

Time of Year

November - SADD Calendar

Any time of year


Every day thousands of teens start smoking.   With education and promotion, students can learn to say "no" to tobacco.


To encourage interaction among teens and educate the group about the dangers of smoking


Middle or high school groups

Materials Needed

•  Copies of Tobacco Bingo
•  Pens or pencils for everyone

Tobacco Bingo can be used as an icebreaker with an added benefit of starting a discussion about tobacco. The dangers of tobacco have been all over the television and in the newspapers, yet every day more and more young people pick up a cigarette and start the habit.

What to Do

  1. Click here to download Tobacco Bingo. Photocopy this and ask the group to circulate and get as many signatures as possible.
  2. When someone has signatures either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the sheet, he or she should yell "Bingo."
  3. You can have the group try to get signatures in each box.
  4. Have the group's members discuss what they learned.

Note: ETS stands for Environmental Tobacco Smoke.

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