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With substance use becoming more prevalent in middle schools, it is important for SADD chapters to reach out to the middle school students and help them with facing dangerous decisions that could have long-term consequences.


To spread the SADD message to middle
school students


Middle school students

Cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs are now prevalent in the lives of some middle school students. The media also affects middle school students. As peer leaders, high school SADD students can provide information, skills, encouragement, and support to help these younger students avoid tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs and to make healthy decisions.

Many of the activities in this manual are appropriate for middle school students and are indicated in the table at the top of the activity. This exercise allows peer educators to introduce a broad range of issues.
What to Do

  1. Click here to download the Statistics for this activity.
  2. Place a chair on either side of the room.
  3. Ask participants to imagine that the chair to the left represents 0% and the chair to the right is 100%.
  4. Tell participants that you are going to read a statement and they should stand on the spectrum that represents where they think the answer is. 
  5. Once people are situated, ask a few if they’d like to say what numbers they are and why. 
  6. After hearing from the group, read the actual statistic.

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