The most important element of any organization is the people who can be counted on to participate and SADD is no exception. SADD students are the lifeblood of every chapter. To appeal to a variety of teens, chapters must have a diverse group of students involved in the development, planning, and execution of all SADD activities as well as promoting and spreading the SADD message. 

An important principle of SADD is that it is open to anyone interested in supporting or learning about the SADD mission and policies. For that reason, we do not consider ourselves a "membership organization."  At the same time, because membership is a familiar concept, many chapters refer to their participants as "members." We think it is most important that SADD students remain aware of the importance of inclusion and openness and the many ways that message is communicated. Each chapter can make its own decision about what to call this campaign and how to refer to those who consistently work on SADD initiatives.


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