Psychological and Emotional Abuse

If you're humiliated, insulted, or sworn at by your boyfriend or girlfriend, you are experiencing psychological and emotional abuse.

Other examples:

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse includes these behaviors:

Both teenage boys and teenage girls reported being victims of physical violence in relationships. Typically, however, teenage boys and teenage girls use physical force for different reasons and with different results. While both tend to report acting violently because they were angry, teenage boys are much more likely to use force to control their girlfriends, while girls more often act violently in self-defense.

Teenage girls suffer more from relationship violence, emotionally and physically. They are much more likely than teenage boys to have serious injuries and to report being terrified. In contrast, male victims seldom seem to fear violence from their dates or girlfriends, often saying that the attacks did not hurt and that they found the violence amusing.

Sexual Assault or Abuse

The term "sexual abuse" refers to forced or unwanted sexual activity or rape. It is also considered sexual abuse to coerce or pressure someone to engage in sexual activity or to try to engage in sexual activity with someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Teenage girls in heterosexual relationships are much more likely than teenage boys to suffer from sexual assault or abuse.

Why does it happen?

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