Bullying. Not Cool.

Is bullying a problem in your school or community?  If so, you’re not alone!

So, what exactly is bullying? Bullying is a form of violence. Bullying is aggressive behavior that is intentional, repeated over time, and involves an imbalance of power or strength. Bullying usually includes an attack or intimidation that causes fear, distress, or harm either physically, verbally, or psychologically for the victim. Bullying can be face to face, through letters or messengers, or by e-mail or other electronic means such as Facebook or MySpace (cyberbullying).

The problem is growing, but the solution lies within you! You’re passionate, you’re dedicated, and you have become empowered. It’s up to the SADD chapter to take the lead in making your school and community a safer, happier place for everyone. October is National Bullying Prevention Month! Use this tool kit as a resource for activities throughout October or extend your commitment to addressing this serious problem and make it a yearlong project.

Every 7 minutes, another youth is bullied. Adults intervene in 4% of the cases. Peers intervene in 11% of the cases, and in 85% of the cases the bullying continues with no intervention.

The problem is real, but so is the solution! It’s up to you! Create your own schedule, and remember that bullying in not cool!

In this kit:


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