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The Nation's Premier Youth Health & Safety Organization


How to Start a SADD Chapter

Is your school or non-profit community organization ready to start a SADD chapter? Get started today, it’s simple!

To start a SADD chapter:

  1. First, ask about the process at your school to start a school club/activity. SADD chapters function as school clubs/activities. Some schools have a formal approval process for starting a new club, which can vary from school to school, so first find out what’s required.
  2. Find an Advisor. Schools require a faculty or staff member to serve as the sponsor of a school club. This will be your SADD Advisor and can be teachers, counselors, coaches, secretaries, or any staff member.
  3. Register your chapter. All SADD chapters must register each year. Registration is easy and takes just a few minutes online. You will receive a confirmation email with everything you need to get started.
  4. Chapter Name. Use SADD in the chapter name, after your school or organization name.  Example: “Nashoba Valley High SADD” or “North YMCA SADD” are acceptable.
Learn more about what a SADD chapter does!
2017-2018 Communications Calendar SADD Chapter Power Start Up Packet

Be sure to read the vision, mission, and values of SADD, along with our policies.

Registration is currently closed. . Annual chapter registration will open  August 1.  Chapters are required to register at the start of each school year.

Upon completion of the online registration/renewal, the advisor on record will receive a confirmation email with the SADD Certificate of Chapter Recognition for the current school year along with a ton of startup materials and other valuable information to keep your chapter going strong all year long!  Thank you for being part of SADD Nation!

Events for SADD chapters




SADD’s strength lies in numbers. To demonstrate our impact as SADD Nation, all chapters will conduct campaigns and activities at the same time of year, we call it being SADD STRONG!
The SADD national office with the help of its many partners around the country have developed a collection of THREE programs that target SADD’s three core issue areas. (Traffic Safety, Substance Abuse, and Personal Health & Safety).  Implementing these programs also qualifies chapters for the WE ARE SADD STRONG Achievement and Recognition Program!

  • OctoberRock the Belt, in conjunction with National Teen Driver Safety Week
  • FebruarySADD Shines Week, held to celebrate SADD students and all you do and promote personal health and safety
  • April –  It Worth The Risk?, in conjunction with Alcohol Awareness Month

All SADD STRONG programs are comprised of an activity guide, packed with relevant activity ideas and media templates.  Chapters may also purchase a starter kit for Rock the Belt, filled with starter supplies and the t-shirts needed for the suggested activities. The activity guides aim to target three core constituencies: schools, parents, and communities.