Real Life SADD: UR the Spokesperson

After attending a workshop at the 2007 SADD National Conference, Anoka High School in Anoka, Minnesota, decided to make preventing reckless driving their priority. Using materials from the campaign UR the Spokesperson … Speak Up Against Reckless Driving, developed by the Ad Council in partnership with SADD National, they produced public service announcements. Their PSAs encourage students to “Speak Up” when they are passengers and the driver is driving recklessly. Their PSAs featured SADD members and were shown at their school during “Feature Friday.” They also aired the PSAs on the District Court Show when SADD students were guests. In addition to using fellow SADD students as their actors, SADD students wrote a letter to Tubby Smith, the University of Minnesota men’s basketball coach, asking him to make an appearance in the PSAs; he agreed and appears in all of the PSAs. Anoka SADD developed a page on the school’s website with information about teens and driving and also created posters and signs about the campaign for posting in the hallways of the school. SADD National commends Anoka SADD students for their outreach to a local celebrity to be a spokesperson for their campaign and for their varied and extensive approach to the UR the Spokesperson campaign. Anoka SADD was the second-place winner of the 2008 SADD National Activity of the Year Award.

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UR the Spokesperson

UR the Spokesperson

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