Real Life SADD: Fashion Show for ALL

Putnam Valley High School’s SADD chapter in Putnam Valley, New York, put a positive spin on body image and eating disorders. Wanting to focus on having a healthy body image, they hosted a “Fashion Show for ALL.” Their mission was to dispel the “never too thin” myth magazines and the media portray with fashion models by having students and faculty of all body types model clothing. The models wore casual-, evening-, and sportswear, which they received as donations from local merchants for the event. While the SADD models were walking the runway, the SADD chapter also showed a PowerPoint presentation with facts about eating disorders and healthy body image, including how to identify someone with an eating disorder and how to approach that person, and statistics about body image. By collecting a small entrance fee at the door, the chapter raised $1,500, which they donated to the National Eating Disorders Association. To find out more about their Fashion Show for ALL, contact former SADD advisor Graciela Greenberg at

fashion show

fashion show fashion show

fashion show

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