Real Life SADD: Arrive Alive

The Vermillion High School SADD chapter in Vermillion, South Dakota, took steps to ensure a safe prom with their “Arrive Alive” campaign. On April 21, 2007, during Vermillion High School’s prom, SADD set up a voluntary “checkpoint” where prom attendees could volunteer a breath in an alcohol Breathalyzer. Vermillion’s prom theme was “Pirates of the Caribbean.” All prom attendees who volunteered a breath received a t-shirt with the slogan “If You’re Drunk, You’re Not Hip, So Get Off Our Ship.” The shirts were financed through a grant from the South Dakota Department of Highway Safety. The “Arrive Alive” campaign was developed to give positive reinforcement to students who choose not to drink alcohol. The SADD chapter set a goal of getting 70 percent of prom attendees to participate in the campaign, and the goal was exceeded by 20 percent. Of the 240 students at the prom, 218 students volunteered their breath, ensuring that they did not make the decision to drink alcohol at their prom.

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