Prom/Graduation Activities

Click here for SADD’s Prom Tool Kit, which is filled with tips and ideas to plan a safe and memorable celebration.

Kiddie Notes- Have elementary students write message cards reminding prom attendees not to drink and drive on prom night. Then have the notes attached to flowers and give out as people leave the dance.

Senior Sponsored Night- Invite college students from local colleges to meet with seniors to discuss college life. Make sure to ask students who can present a good "No Use" message and who can give good information about student responsibilities.

Prom Promise- Have a prom promise between dates. Make up a contract for dates to sign together (about remaining sober for the prom).

Flower Shops- Have local flower shops hang a sign in their window asking students to have a sober and safe prom like this one.


Community Welcome Sign- Have your wood shop class help make a sign, "Welcome to Any Town. Don't Drink and Drive from Any Town High SADD."

Police Ride-along- Make arrangements to do an evening patrol to observe police work.

Billboard Campaign-  Rent a billboard for one year. Have names of those killed put on the board or some other type of message.

Support Groups- Help sponsor a support group (through your counseling department) for students who live in homes where alcohol/drug abuse is taking place.

Resource Room- Check with your school/public library to ask if they have a drug or alcohol information resource room. Offer to help obtain material for the room. Use money from fund-raisers to purchase new items.

PTA Newsletter- Use this newsletter as a means of making parents more aware of your activities and the dangers of drunk driving.

Cab/Bus Campaign- Get permission from a company or the city to put SADD bumper stickers on their vehicle bumpers.

Airplane Message- Have an airplane service tow a SADD message over your school or town on special occasions, holidays, etc. Use a sky writing plane, too! 

Theater Slides- Provide local movie theaters with slides with the SADD message to include in their previews.

Homeless Helpers- Help feed the homeless one day a month or visit a nursing home, children's hospital, or crisis center.

Napkin Message- Ask local restaurants to provide napkins with the SADD message during prom and graduation season.

Liquor Store Notice- Make sure local liquor stores know about graduation date. Ask them to "double-check" IDs and put up signs about underage drinking.

Merchant Discount- Work with merchants to offer discounts from tux rentals, flowers and restaurants to those who sign contract or pledge cards, indicating no drinking during prom season.

Graduation Message- Give out SADD key chains with the "Congrats" message to each senior at your school.

All-Night Celebrations- Sponsor with a parent group for seniors. For more information, visit,, or

Senior Cake- Sponsor sheet cake(s) for seniors during their last meeting and/or rehearsal. Put SADD's logo and message, "Friends Forever - class of '??."

Senior BBQ- Have your chapter sponsor a BBQ for seniors (or a brunch, breakfast, etc.)

Prom Breakfast- Sponsor a post prom breakfast.

Free Prom Pictures- Sponsor a drawing for a free prom picture package. Enter the names of those who signed a SADD Contract for Life. Work with your prom photographer.

Ticket Message- Ask that a "Drive Sober" message be printed on all prom tickets.

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