Middle School Month  

Today's middle school students face the same issues as do high school students. It is so important for SADD chapters to reach out to their middle school counterparts and help them in facing dangerous decisions that could have long-term consequences. Research has found messages taught by peer-led programs are significantly more successful than are the same messages taught by the classroom teacher. It's the best way to get the attention and commitment of middle school students, having high school SADD members speaking and working with them! Helping them to start a SADD chapter or working with an established chapter would be the ideal situation.

As mentors for middle school students, SADD members can provide information, skills, encouragement and support to help these younger students say no to tobacco, alcohol and other drugs and follow good safety practices.

The following are activities that your SADD chapter can do during Middle School Month.

Although March is commonly Middle School Month, activities at your middle school and even your elementary school can be done throughout the year.

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