Friends For Life

Friends caring for friends is the focus of the Friends for Life campaign. At the center of the campaign is the SADD friendship bracelet. The following message can be attached to each bracelet or written on an accompanying card.

I'm giving this very special gift to you --

because you are my friend and I am yours.

Whenever you are tempted

to do something destructive,

look at this gift -- and think of me.

You'll know I care about you.

And you'll know the right thing to do.

Wear this symbol of our friendship

and remember to make the right choice.

We are "Friends for Life."

SADD chapters can sell the bracelets to students as a fundraiser for teens to give to their friends or your chapter can provide them free. Start by publicizing the event in a way that gets the students interested and involved. You may want to run a weeklong campaign with posters, contests, announcements on the PA, and other events that stress the importance of making good decisions and how each decision you and your peers make affects each other.

At the culmination of the events, hold a "Friends Dance." The concept is to remind your friends and peers that they have the power to influence each other in a positive way.

The SADD "Friends for Life" bracelet is more than a symbol: it is a constant reminder of the bond friends share. Giving and wearing the friendship bracelet can help students focus on what is truly important in life: caring for each other. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all students in your school wore friendship bracelets showing someone cares for them and wants them to be safe?

SADD friendship bracelets are available from the SADD Store. The card is not included. Chapters must print their own.

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